The Republic of Venice was called la Serenissima (the most serene) or la Dominante (the dominant): two adjectives embracing the delights of the most calming and resplendent land, a historic crossroads of culture and trade where everything speaks of the myth of Venice: the unique lace from the city on water, with its canals and palaces, churches and bell-towers, the Basilica of St. Mark; the squares and campielli (small squares), bridges and calli (tiny  streets) where every path is rich in history and legend. At every site there is a wealth of expression of the most excellent art, with panoramas by Giorgione, Bellini, Tiziano. The only place you can sip a Bellini in Murano glass! Just outside the lagoon you have the Dolomite Alps – cathedrals of nature, and those jewels that are the famous Veneto Villas by Palladio, asleep in time with an absolutely unique backdrop.