Few people know that the German emperor who most dreamt about Europe, Frederick II, loved Apulia like his second homeland. This is the place he chose to build his most secret and striking home, Castel Del Monte; this is the place where Barbarians, Greeks, Normans and Swabians came. Apulia is the Salento plain where you can still dance the Taranta, the reckless and orgiastic dance of the tarantolati (those bitten by the tarantula); it is the promontory of Gargano, with the wildest and most breath-taking beaches in Italy; it is the homeland of the Alberobello Trulli (antique and mysterious buildings) and the cradle of Baroque in Taranto, Lecce and Bari. Our most ancient forefather, the man from Altamura, lived here 250,000 years ago. It is the longest region in Italy, with the second-largest plain after Val Padana (the Tavoliere delle Puglie), and it is the pulsating heart of the south of Italy.