Wedding Banqueting: A Sweet Italian Tradition

Designing the right wedding menu is a delicate matter of balance between your (and your guests’) tastes, quality of the food, the creativity of the recipes and the overall wedding theme. It also should be coherent with all the food experiences involved: from the rehearsal wedding reception to the farewell brunch. Being an integral and undeniable part of our culture, in our wonderful country food plays a pivotal role. This is why, more than a simple menu design activity, this part of the organization is a true cultural path, where the top Italian food quality meets your exquisite international tastes. And we would be pleased to walk you through it, putting at the service of your peculiar tastes the Italian top food quality.


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Over the years we have gained significant experience by testing and collecting a selected list of luxury purveyors famous for their banqueting excellence, refined rental equipment and custom services aimed just to complement your exclusive events. Our vision of excellence is theirs, and that’s the reason why right after the brief, we will feel confident in sharing with you a bespoke portfolio of luxury banqueting purveyors, meeting all strict requirements on quality, experience, and the right price. All of it, displaying a wide array of delicious choices in order to compose your one-of-a-kind menu.


How We Deal with the Chosen Wedding Catering for your Ceremony in Italy

Creative and authentic, highly bespoken, innovative but always with the Italian food quality in mind: we will assist our luxury catering in interpreting your unique vision to perfection. From the choice of the right number of courses to the design of alternative menus for children or those in a particular health situation (for example, celiac, vegan and vegetarian). From the assemblage of your wedding menu to the best wine pairing (prosecco included!): let us amaze you with our wedding food proposals full of refinement, elegance, and taste.

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How To Deal With an Italian Wedding Menu 

Usually, right after the enchanting ceremony, the Welcome Cocktail (or aperitivo) is served in a purposely staged area of the wedding venue to gratifying your beloved guests. Once the Welcome Cocktail is up, the Antipasti (starters)are served. We like to think about them as the opening of a romantic movie, where the title and an alluring soundtrack usually announce that something special is about to begin. It is now It’s now time to enjoy one of the milestones of the Italian food tradition: the primo piatto (or First Course). Not just pasta, but also risotti or tortellini with the most varied sauce styles: according to your tastes, the options the regional food traditions offer are truly endless. Right after, the main course can be made of meat or fish, with a delicious pairing of side dishes following the seasonalities. Before the wedding cake, the sorbet is usually served: it differs from the usual ice cream because of a slightly add of prosecco or vodka. Dulcis in fundo, the Wedding Cake: minimal, flamboyant, fruity or with chocolate, traditional or innovative, a whole chapter should be opened to talk properly about it. It may be served to your guests alone or combining with special sweets and fresh fruits buffets. Whatever the choice is, it will end up by offering the typical Confettata: sugar-coated delicious almonds to be offered as traditional favors.

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