Styling comprises the dress you will pick, make-up and hairdressing, and the whole look for the wedding ceremony. Our advice is to avoid falling into temptation and losing your real nature, or making decisions that don’t suit your personality.
We have thus selected a styling expert who will be able to help you create the perfect look.



If for example you wish to appear “natural”, your make-up should focus on delicate colours and shades that will bring out your true beauty.
If you prefer leaving more of a mark, we can provide a red carpet look using stronger colours – it may be what you just need!
In all cases, our consultancy will bring out the bride that is inside you, avoiding any models that don’t suit you.



Choice of dress: ever since we were little girls we have fantasized on every detail of the dress for our big day, but when it comes, hundreds of doubts and uncertainties flood our mind. Like for make-up, our styling consultant will be able to advise what models and cuts are ideal for your personality.

On request, we can provide a talented Make-Up Artist.