Our Exclusive Wedding Styling Services For Your Destination Wedding in Italy

We have to admit it: since we were children, we have always been fantasizing on the dress for our big day. In every, tiny little detail. We used to create artisanal mood boards in our rooms by cutting silhouettes out of our mum’s fashion magazines, glued with some pieces of textiles given by our grandmothers. Truth is, that when the day really came, hundreds of doubts and uncertainties literally flood our minds. So, we can understand how delicate the matter is. While the decorations are all about the theme and the venue, this styling service is all about you, the bride and the groom-to-be. Destination Wedding in Italy Person Dressing Woman in White Wedding Gown

1. Our Bespoke Styling Consultations and Wedding Shopper Service

Our main goal? Finding the wedding dress of your dreams. Because we know how choosing the wedding dress is the first, scariest anxiety for the bride-to-be. By developing mood-boards according to your idea, to the color palettes and to the overall wedding theme and dress code will be a pleasure for us. Here, seasonality is the key: we will be glad to support you in choosing the most romantic wintry capes or faux fur, or a wide silky gown for warmer weather. Wedding dress fitting meetings will be arranged according to your tight schedule, the requested changes will be provided in a timely manner, and you can totally relax.  It will be an exciting experience: a definitely out-of-the-ordinary tour, with a final toast with an Italian Spumante in an exclusive location. Of course, if you need assistance for anything related to your bridal or witness’s dress or any shopping-related challenge, we offer a tailored and exclusive Personal Shopping service as well. Destination Wedding in Italy Four White Wedding Dresses

Wedding Accessories and Jewels

Everything is in the details: they add that sense of mystique to the overall effect. There are many wedding accessories we would love to help you discover, and here is a quick list:

  • The Wedding Veil: short or long veil reaching to the floor, laced or sequin-embellished, the bridal veil definitely helps to show off your unique style.
  • Bridal Hair Accessories: as your personal tastes or your wedding dress may require a no-veil style for your wedding, our wedding hairdresser will be happy to suggest the best hair accessories for you. Diamonds, crystals, gold-crafted accessories to enlighten your bridal hair will be a reality.
  • Bridal Jewelry: like hair accessories, bridal jewelry needs to be chosen after the wedding dress. We usually recommend one or two carefully selected pieces to make you glow. A statement necklace with hairpins, a point-of-light with more elaborated hairstyling, picking a matching jewelry set, mix and match sensibly… Here the choices are potentially endless. Play around!
  • Wedding Belts and Slashes: as the finishing touch to your wedding gowns.
  • Gloves: so retro, so stylish! For a vintage-style wedding dress or a minimal contemporary one to create a sublime contrast, we would be pleased to help you choose the most precious of the fabric.
  • Purse: perfect to carrying out your essentials around after the ceremony and during your wedding receptions – a mint, your cell phone, the wedding purse could be another thing to consider.
  • Wedding Shoes: so many colors, styles, and silhouettes to choose! Fortunately, with the rich Italian craftsmanship heritage, we have a disposal handpicked addresses in each corner of Italy to help you find THE pair of shoes.

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2. Beautiful Bridal Lingerie & Perfumes

Offering Delicate silk, satin pieces, and precious laces: imagine a wide array of hypnotizing texture caressing your skin, composing the lingerie for the most important day of your life. In our experience, too often the bridal lingerie has been put aside in favor of the wedding dress. But our aim is to offer you a wide choice of models and textures exuding elegance and seduction, to make you feel comfortable and ready for your first amorous wedding night. On top of this, the finishing touch: a cloud of perfume to get you through before the ceremony and the party. Choose between our selection of the finest bridal fragrances to make your quintessential day even more unique. Destination Wedding Styling Perfume Service

3. Wedding Make-Up and Hair-Stylist just Delivered from All Over the World

Your wedding days in Italy will be filled with joy but with a huge amount of stress as well, but we have got you covered! While designing the perfect wedding reception, and taking care of all the details, we will be committed to your care and your well-being as well. Our aim is to make you feel gorgeous and radiant as you are, thanks to bespoke makeup and hairstyle consultations, and wellness treats. Minimalist, extravagant, divine like a Greek goddess style? We will handle you a look book with all your options, scheduling after choice makeup and hairstyling trials with the makeup artist you prefer, making it coherent with your wedding’s dress code. Textured chignons with tiny florals, sumptuous waves with a flower tiara on top: we will help you dealing with all these beauty-artists to convey the flair you wish. Wedding Spa Treats Destination Italy

4. Wellness Treats For The Most Radiant Of The Brides (And Her Guests)

Your wedding dress, makeup, and the hairstyle will shine even more on a relaxed bride. This is why beauty concoctions are an absolute essential to make this day even more unforgettable. The very same day or before, alone or with your selected guests or groom, we would be pleased to arrange special solutions where the only password is: relax. We will support you in designing the perfect beauty arrangement in a luxurious SPA, where the atmosphere of harmony will embrace you, awakening your senses and regenerating your inner self. Saunas, jacuzzi, relaxing massages, multi-sensorial paths will become the perfect rituals to release all the tensions and activating your positive energies. All of this, with a healthy but fiercely chic finger food apero, aromatic infusions and a Spumante upon request. We can’t wait to help you with your  Destination

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