Wedding Music And Italian Culture: An Ancient and Thrilling Story

Music adds color to any of our feelings, raising them a notch. That’s why every single part of your destination wedding in Italy deserves a special soundtrack. From the triumphal bridal entrance to the interludes of the religious, civil or symbolic ceremony till your wedding party. Welcome to your special luxury wedding in Italy, where centuries ago an Italian monk realized the 7 musical note system and where we have witnessed the rise of the Opera. And wherever you decide to celebrate your special event, our mission stays the same: providing you with a wide array of bespoke choices to give your wedding that je ne sais quoi.

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Our Specialized Music Catalogue of Musician for Every Ceremony and Event 

Whether religious, civil or symbolic, every ceremony in Italy has its own requirement and etiquette. For example, the Italian Catholic Church is particularly strict about the ecclesiastical repertoire,we will liaise between your choices and these requirements. We will be therefore glad to suggest the most appropriate arrangement of instruments and music:

  • Organists,
  • Singers (tenor, soprano)
  • Choirs (classic, gospel)
  • String duos or quartets
  • Cellos
  • Flutes
  • Piano singers

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Music Direction and tailored consultancy for every moment of your Wedding in Italy

For the choice of catalog and musical combinations, we have secured the aid of professionals: on request, for specifically complex events, we can provide the Music Director’s portfolios, as well with:

  • Jazz: duo, trio or quartet
  • Jazz singer
  • Piano bar
  • Classical guitar duo
  • Guitar and mandolin
  • Violin and cello
  • Any kind of pop and rock band and folkloristic ensemble
  • Dj set (all night long!)

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Wedding Receptions & Parties Made Unforgettable With The Right Music

Depending on your wedding theme, and on your personal preferences, we will help you dive into the endless choices about the music for the dinner and for the after-party. For example, maybe for your wedding reception and party a more contemporary and lively repertoire may be arranged.

We will be also glad to provide you an exclusive service: liaising with one of our exclusive purveyors who realize highly music compilations tailored on the newlywed couple’s traits.

All our purveyors are extremely are on the cutting edge to maximize every area by turning them into a small concert. They dispose also of the latest equipment, named Sound System Project.

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Destination Wedding Music In Italy