Favors: When Exquisite Confettis Match A Precious Little Box

Once upon a time in Italy, the newlywed couple used to give their beloved guests, friends, and family a unique gift called favors or “bomboniere”. But what is exactly a favor?  It is a small and refined bag of “confetti” – usually sugar-coated almonds or other sweets like chocolate – that are wrapped up in the finest fabrics, together with a precious little box or bag. Whatever the final outcome is, it will be important to accompany your small boxes with five confetti, each of them displaying a specific meaning: happiness, fertility, health, longevity, and well. What we love the most about them is the variety of combinations between the coat and what is inside of it: the Italian confetti artisans are a true show of craftsmanship and innovation, worth discovering.

Favors and Welcome Baskets for Destination Wedding in Italy

Our Proposals for Unconventional Wedding Favors (for Foodies as well!)

It’s not just about choosing the right favor matching the confetti-bag, but an incredible opportunity to explore the local artisans and food culture:

  • If your wedding will take place in Tuscany, why not gifting your guests with a divine bottle of excellent oil or wine?
  • If your wedding is in the wonderful Costiera Amalfitana, why not taking into consideration some cadeau made out the popular artisanal Vietri ceramics for your wedding favor?
  • And while in Venice, why not present your wedding guests a typical Venetian carnival masque, maybe decorated carefully by some local artist by hand?

If your destination wedding in Italy is towards a more organic theme, considering green ideas for favors would be super. Check some ideas on our blog!

And so on, with a unique and exclusive pairing of traditions and beauty. It could be also the opportunity to be more eco-sustainable, gifting your guests with the planting of a tree, funding a social initiative or crowdfunding. Favors Ideas Luxury Destination Wedding Italy

Favors and Wedding Welcome Baskets 

We love to help our bride and groom-to-be to feel their beloved guests truly welcomed. Especially when you won’t be able to greet them all upon their arrival. Our solution is to design the perfect Wedding Welcome Baskets (or welcome boxes) according to the specific message you wish to convey, to the wedding theme, to the local traditions and settings. Also, according to the specific guest for a truly bespoke service. In every Welcome Bag, we can arrange the inclusion of both useful and ludic information: from the ceremony and reception locations, any shuttle or transportation as well, with the same aesthetic and graphics of your wedding website, tableau, and menu. These Wedding Welcome Boxes can offer also post-party recovery kit, as always appreciated. Whatever you choose, we will design the perfect box for your wedding guests, customized handwritten cards included!

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What we love the most about this tradition is that it is a way to thank all your guests for being present at your wedding and, at the same time, granting them an unforgettable souvenir of the day.  We will help you with choosing the most elegant favor, according to your tastes and in coherence with the wedding theme and style. We would be honored to make you taste a different kind of sweets, in an exotic itinerary of taste.

Explore the proper Italian tradition of the favors with us.


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