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Unique Wedding Decorations For Your Destination Wedding in Italy

Recreating the perfect magical atmosphere you wish to live for your romantic Italian wedding is a true work of design. Every part of your wedding day needs amazing arrangements and deserves fantastic scenographies to enhance your chosen wedding theme. Starting from the concept, planing on the most charming combination of accessories, to the correct use of illumination and scents spread all around: all of this could be possible with our support and expertise. Whether you decide to celebrate your love indoor or outdoor, your exclusive venue needs the most suitable decors and accessories. And the scenery, of course. After choosing the wedding theme and venue, devising the most alluring wedding set design is our job and pleasure.

Outdoor Destination Wedding Italy Tents

Our Exclusive Proposals for Open-Air Ceremonies in Italy: Wedding Tents and Arches

Thinking to celebrate an open-air ceremony may be a fascinating option when it comes to the most filled with cultural heritage and landscape gorgeousness places on earth, like in Italy. Maybe on a vividly-decorated terrace overlooking the Mediterranean. Maybe a uniquely set up tent in an antique vineyard in the Langhe or Chianti region. Whatever open-aired setting you decide to opt for, we are pleased to provide exclusive and bespoke designed options. From luscious floral arches where to exchange the vows to bespoke tents realized upon request by one of the most inaccessible Italian designer and scenographer with unique handpainted fabric: the sky’s the limit.

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Our Wedding Design & Decor Services in Italy

Designing and managing the ideal wedding is like directing a choir. What we do it’s mainly selecting, managing and coordinating unique artisans and professional figures that sometimes run away from any classic definitions. All united towards the main goal: making your wedding the best day of your entire life:


  • The Wedding Scenographer: chosen amongst the most professional worldwide, he or she is able to turn every location into something unique and special. Luscious flowery cascades, frame or pole tents with unique handmade fabrics are just the beginning of a nearly never-ending list of possibilities. Their continuous research, they strive to go out of the beaten paths, their skill to realize something unseen make them true design artists. 
  • The Floral Designer: from floral arches to the wedding bouquet, from the favors to the tables, from the ceremony to the reception, our flower designers work will help you devise the best floral arrangements. Together with the Wedding Scenographer and us, we all ensure the perfect outcome of the wedding theme. Not only fresh and seasonal flowers and plants, but also all kind of decor to make it distinctive and personalized. But also attentive to the environment. 
  • The Wedding Banquet and Catering: with all the decorations for tables, chairs, stands to enhance the selected delicious food for the most important day of your life. 
  • Illumination Design for Your Destination Wedding in Italy: once chosen the theme, the venue, the decorations, the menu, the musicians and their playlist,  any of this wouldn’t be properly enjoyed without the proper light. And this is where our selected illumination designers come into play, giving the glow your wedding truly deserves. They will suggest the best lighting strategies, adapting lingos, pin spots, LEDs and/or color washes to the specifics of the venues. They will take into consideration the season, the time of the event, the style of your wedding and, above all, the vibe you wish to convey. The villa or castle’s façade will be enlighted as never before, there will be bespoke light furniture creating a suggestive atmosphere, the greenery will be visible during nighttime as well, without counting the indoor reception and the tables. Completely hidden, wireless and controlled by experts, these lights will enhance your unforgettable wedding for sure.
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  • Web and Graphic Design: we are committed to guaranteeing the best transparent process to manage guests invitations and their presence to your wedding. From the invitations’ layout to the tableau, from the wedding site to the wedding menu, building your unique wedding visual identity is pivotal to make the event curated and charming. Thanks to our service of wedding web & graphic designers, we will be able to deliver bespoke wedding logos, invitations, menus and all needed to give expression to your ideas.
  • Jewelers & Artisans: throughout the years, we have been building solid relationships with master jewelers, able to deliver the most poignant of the wedding bands – engraved and bespoke, of course. But also unique gifts to the witnesses and to the guests, as well as favors. Part of our job is also to design unique wedding accessories  – such as an entirely handmade fan in casted iron with pressed flower petals, meant as a wedding bouquet, realized together with a floral artist.

Wedding Date in Italy Destination Decorations

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We would never stress enough how Italy is a country of endless cultural richness, with a history of artisans and goldsmiths of the highest value, professionalism, and precision. From florists to catering, throughout all sort of decorators, your unique, luxurious wedding deserves careful planning, organization, selection, booking, and coordination of several professionals. Masterfully and attentively chosen amongst the best in Italy, all of these wedding professionals will be guided by us to meet just one goal: granting you an unforgettable Italian Wedding experience. We would be honored to provide this delicate service, according to your tastes and the wedding theme & style.

Unleash your imagination and picture your ideal wedding in Italy with us.

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