Wedding Date in Italy can arrange any type of religious or non-religious ceremony, including blessings and symbolic ceremonies, for any nationality of bride and groom.

Depending on the type of marriage, specific documents may be required in advance accordingly, to ensure that the marriage is legal in the country of origin. We will provide full assistance with the documents and bureaucracy: paperwork can be arranged for brides and grooms from many countries, including Europe, the UK, the USA, South America and Australia.

In Italy there are two main types of marriages: civil and religious. Civil weddings are performed by a public officer (or a person appointed by a public officer) in a specific marriage venue (town hall, government-owned venue, etc.). Such marriage venues are usually beautiful and handpicked by each municipality, and sometimes include outside places, for example the gardens of beautiful villas or castles. The civil marriage does not include any religious blessing and complies with the Italian law. It is legally binding in any foreign country that is recognized by Italy.

Catholic wedding

Italy being mainly Catholic, the other type of marriage is usually the Catholic one, which requires the wedding to be celebrated in a Catholic church. Italy boasts an endless array of fantastic churches of any size, style and degree of grandeur. Ceremonies cannot be performed outdoors except for a very restricted number of cases and places. The Catholic marriage can include the civil wedding or not, and thus be legally binding or just religious. Alongside the usual paperwork, some additional paperwork, including religious certificates and registrations, must be provided. We will assist in all steps of the document-gathering and delivery process.

Religious Documents

At least 6-8 months before the weeding, the spouses should contact their parish and begin the process of gathering the paperwork:
-       Certificate of baptism (which must take place at least six months prior to the wedding)
-       Certificate of confirmation
-       Application for mixed marriage (if one of the spouses is not Catholic)
-       Certificate of attendance to a pre-marriage course

Foreigners should also provide the following:
- A Pre-Nuptial Inquiry or Pre-Nuptial Investigation,
This includes the Nulla Osta (Nihil Obstat), which is the authorization provided by the Bishop to the spouses, including the permission to be married outside one’s parish, and the signature of the local diocese.
Religious documents will be valid for 6 months from the date of issue and should be delivered at least 2 months prior to the wedding date for proper checks and filing.
Divorced individuals will not be allowed to re-marry in a Catholic church unless the previous marriage has been rendered null by the Church.

A meeting with the celebrating priest will be arranged prior to the marriage (usually at least one month in advance); at this time, any detail of the ceremony may be discussed and the couple should deliver a booklet with the selected texts for the ceremony (help from the local parish is advised).

Protestant wedding

In Italy, Protestant weddings may be in the form of a religious blessing or they may entail a Minister/Pastor who acts as a public officer, and thus include the civil, legally-binding marriage. This may require additional paperwork to be delivered in advance.
Weddings can be arranged in Protestant churches and in some cases, also in Catholic churches.

Symbolic wedding

A Symbolic Wedding consists of a blessing or a symbolic ceremony, usually following a legal marriage in the country of origin. These ceremonies, which are usually traditional and Italian-style, may be performed in any venue or location, indoors or outdoors, for example in personally-significant private spots or in historic locations.

Jewish wedding

You will be assisted and involved in working closely with the local rabbi for the organization of a truly authentic Italian, traditional Jewish wedding, with all the trimmings and personalization required for the vows, handmade or printed and signed Ketubah, Chuppah, Kiddush cup and Tallit.
Reform, Interfaith and Conservative weddings are catered for.