Villa della Pergola: Your Luxury Wedding Venue on the Italian Riviera

Alassio it's a dream, a small fishermen's village, a jewel of the Italian riviera. A magic place which holds a special place in many couple's hearts, because this out-of-time seaside resort on the Riviera di Ponente has been the perfect place where to organize a special destination wedding or elopement. And also for who has a sweet tooth, Alassio means something, because of its special "Baci di Alassio": a delicious two chocolate cookie-made sandwiched with a creamy dark-chocolate filling created by the Italian royal family pastry chef named Rinaldo Balzola in the 20th century.

And today, we would love to share with you a pearl we’ve just discovered thanks to our  Exclusive Wedding Venue Scouting Service, which blends seamlessly history, luxury, luscious nature, and haute cuisine just right in front of the Alassio bay: the Villa della Pergola.

Villa della Pergola_wedding4_Archivio Villa della Pergola Villa della Pergola_wedding26_Archivio Villa della Pergola Villa della Pergola_wedding25_Archivio Villa della Pergola

History, lush greenery, and love in the Italian Riviera

Built by the Scottish general William Montagu Scott Mc Murdo in 1875,  in the early 1900s the park of Villa della Pergola passed to Virginia Woolf's cousin, the baronet Sir Walter Hamilton Darlrymple. William Scott in his historical-artistic guide entitled" The Riviera " described this place as "... one of the wonders of the Riviera, worthy rival of the Mortola Gardens "by William Scott(1908). Dalrymple was succeeded by a scion of the Hanbury family, which in terms of gardens has great taste (they are the renowned gardens of the Mortola di Ventimiglia), to which we owe the scenographic pergolas covered with wisteria and other "exotic" plants such as cacti, agaves , the aloes coming from the other family garden.After a period of neglect and degradation, the park was saved by building speculation and subjected to a careful restoration carried out by the landscape architect Paolo Pejrone. Villa della Pergola_wedding24_Archivio Villa della Pergola Villa della Pergola_wedding17_Archivio Villa della Pergola

Villa La Pergola: where haute cuisine meets beauty

Immersed in a luxuriant garden of the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente, Villa della Pergola is the perfect place for an intimate destination wedding in Liguria. Its comfortable and exquisitely decorated suites are full of atmosphere. Each of them is dedicated to the numerous British aristocracy characters who were guests in the Villa, as part of the English colony of Alassio which animated the area between mid-1800 and early 1900. A Wedding is a special and exciting occasion to share with loved ones. And Villa della Pergola makes its guests feel at home, offering perfect and very high hospitality quality. The reception for about 60 guests on the terrace, on the notes of jazz and gastronomic proposals of the Chef Giorgio Servetto of the restaurant Nove, Villa della Pergola is the perfect place for an unforgettable day. Come and admire with us a unique view of the Gulf of Alassio, and taste the maritime scents who blend uniquely with the blooms of the botanical garden. Villa della Pergola_wedding2_Archivio Villa della Pergola ____________________ #WDIIChoice Villa della Pergola Strada Privata Montagu 9, 17021 Alassio (Sv)