Treedom: The Green Wedding Favor Your Guests Will Love

For your green wedding in Italy, what about gifting your beloved wedding guests with a forest? In our Destination Wedding Favors & Welcome Baskets page, we made it pretty clear: choosing a cute and thoughtful gift in the name of sustainability will make your eco-friendly wedding even more memorable. We dare say the greener, the better! And that's what Treedom does: helping you turning your love into something that will truly last. A forest! We at Wedding Date in Italy have a soft spot for green ideas for favors. And we did nothing to hide it!  

 Treedom Wedding


Treedom Turns Your Love into A Wood

Maybe you have chosen an eco-friendly/green/organic theme for your wedding. And now it's time to think about the favors.

Following the underlying idea of offering your guests a gift that lasts beyond the honeymoon, we have plenty of options to suggest to you: herbs, flowers, succulents, potted plants.

But what about celebrating your eternal love with a tree? Or with a wood?

Because THIS could be a gift that truly symbolizes the process of love that keeps growing, growing itself accordingly.

This is when Treedom, the Florence-based web platform, comes into play: by helping to turn your love into a bunch of trees to gift (ideally) your family and your guests.

Treedom Wedding

How Does Treedom Work?

Since 2010, Treedom has been pursuing one aim: to raise public awareness on environment and sustainability throughout green campaigns.

But how does Treedom work? By involving over 30,000 local farmers across Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Italy, this green web platform allows you adopting one or more trees from its online catalog.

Once you've chosen your tree(s), it will be planted directly from local farmers. Just with one click! Isn't it amazing?

Each of them will have its own page, making it possible to follow its stories over time. Stories made of people, of love, of care, that will give even more value to your party!

How to convey this gift (and message) to your guests? Unleash your creativity, but be sure to follow the overall wedding theme for a lovely consistency. 

Spoil your guests with a simple recipe: trees, forest, and your love.

Treedom Wedding


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Get Your Wedding Favor Bottle of Wines Signed by a Local Artist

Once upon a time in Italy, the newlywed couple used to give their beloved guests, friends, and family a unique gift called favors or “bomboniere”. What once was mostly a small and refined bag of sugar-coated almonds wrapped up in the finest fabrics, together with a precious little box or bag, today it can be almost everything you wish. In our favor dedicated page, we expressed our love and passion for the endless creative solutions the duo confetti + small gifts can be. Yes, because there are so many factors to be taken into account! For example the wedding theme, the personal bridal couple's tastes, the location. And the list can go on and on! But if your wedding takes place in an Italian region famous for its wines – like Piedmont!, a super idea to gift your guests with could be a signature bottle of wine, decorated ad hoc by a local artist. Where did we take the cue? From a young Turin-based digital artist, who designed some wine labels meant as the wedding gift. Here's our interview to Nicolò Canova. a young Turin-based digital artist who recently created a special bottle as a wedding gift etichetta-Nicolo-Canova-

Hi Nicolò, thanks for this chat. First of all, would you tell us briefly who you are and what you do?

N: Hello! I'm Nicolò, born in 1989, and I'm an artist from Turin. Thanks to various collaborations and experiences, I was able to develop skills in different fields, such as painting, communication, graphics, and visual design. Always guided by an atavic and eternal tension towards the aesthetics of the unknown, I love experimenting with new techniques on different and unusual materials. And  I believe that THIS is the right attitude to get fresh and dynamic works. Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure and honor of collaborating with brands such as Disney, Lancôme, Clarins, Sephora, Huawei, Qeeboo and Majestic Records.

You have made wine labels as an alternative wedding gift. What fascinated you the most about this project?

N: First of all, I am very pleased that you liked the labels because they are the most rewarding jobs. Collaborations and commissions are (luckily) very common, but receiving a request which implies to go deeper on the subject, not so much! Maybe thanks to the fact we were both from Turin allowed us to meet and discuss this project very much, and I had a lot of fun discovering fascinating sides of people I didn't even know. Besides, I enjoyed so much designing this wine label because it's the dress of a drink that brings people together in the best way. It is a wedding gift that the best friends wanted to make to the newlyweds. silvia Wine Label Design Nicolò Canova Winaesthetic

Can you tell us a little about the creative process behind this work?

N: One of the best things about my job? Being able to get in touch with lots of people and their lives, without ever meeting them! It requires a lot of empathy, as I am supposed to illustrate them all. The concept behind each label is their life: in short but poetic terms. I stopped to reflect on the stories and details that had been given to me about the two spouses, highlighting what characterized them most. The bride-to-be was a girl from the lake area as if it was his main island, from which everything starts and arrives, a bit like her. He was a journalist who tests himself with the current digital writing instruments and looks towards the sky to find inspiration. Together, they can only be one thing, intertwining on itself (on the label "the world"). I also wanted to dedicate two labels to their passions (where I reinterpreted a photograph by Luigi Ghirri) and to their "totem animals" that have been "accompanying" them for some time on their way. In short, it was very nice to imagine them, based on words, stories, and emotions of friends and being able to draw them in this colorful and playful universe. ilmondo-etichetta-Nicolo-Canova-1

Which technique did you use to make these labels?

N: Digital Techniques.

Do you have any other plans?

N: I'd really like to do jobs like this again but unfortunately I'm not planning (you'll never know!) #WDIIChoice ____________________ Nicolò Canova Instagram