Architecture, Craftsmanship, and Love in Rome: meet Co.Ro. Jewels’ new Wedding Line

Discovering new brands aligning with our vision of quality and respect to the bone of the Made in Italy philosophy is a great challenge we at Wedding Date in Italy have always aimed to tackle. Because you know, when it comes to the choice of your wedding jewelry set, choosing devotedly selected Italian artisans is an option we usually suggest.

Today we are in Rome, the Eternal City, and we want to introduce to you a marvelous place where to choose a bespoke engagement ring (for the most romantic places where to propose, just ask us!) or the wedding bands: Co.Ro. Jewels. They have just launched their new line of wedding jewelry, right in the historic center of Rome.

And we are proudly here to tell it!

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Meet Co.Ro. Jewels: where the love for architecture meets pure Italian craftsmanship

Between the Pantheon’s ancient shapes and Richard Mayer’s futuristic Ara Pacis lies Co.Ro. Jewels, an atelier-boutique like no other. Because here is where architecture and culture are preciously molded into unique jewels. Since 2012, the two young founders & architects Giulia and Costanza have been pursuing their dream of creating wearable architectures through jewels that tell a story. The abovementioned Pantheon, the hypnotic arches of the Ancient Roman Aqueducts, the hidden gem of the industrial archeology of the Gasometer and the Borromini’s masterpieces of the Baroque in the city: all of these architectures become exquisite creations realized in 925 silver sterling or gold-plated bronze to make you glow. Recently, they’ve expanded their handcrafted, jewelry line by designing a new wedding collection we totally fell for.

Ancient Roman Aqueduct Bracelet Co.Ro. Jewels Wedding

Costanza de Cecco Co.Ro. jewels Wedding

Exquisite and Bespoke Jewels for your Wedding in Italy, just close to the Pantheon

But what about this new and shiny Wedding Capsule Collection? First of all, the images here speak from themselves: classic models and bolder ones concur to create a capsule for every taste. We deeply fell in love with the Braided Wedding Bands: the perfect symbol of two different souls who become one. And what about the engagement ring called the Atomic Hug? Every single diamond is a pure ode to beauty and eternal love! Here you will find also the perfect gifts for your witnesses: from infinite-shaped ear jackets to cufflinks to be completed with your favorite semi-precious stones. Perfect to be paired with your wedding theme! But, truth to be told, almost every jewel of theirs could be suitable for a wedding. The hair combs and clippers inspired by the patterns of the Gasholder of Rome devoted to making your even more unforgettable. They are so much comfort you can use them also after your wedding!

Trilogy Engagement Ring Co.Ro. jewels Wedding Wedding Bands Co.Ro. Jewels Roma Engagement Ring Co.Ro. jewels Wedding Engagement Ring Hug Co.Ro. jewels Wedding

Architecture-à-porter: More About Co.Ro. Jewels

Who’s behind this project? Costanza and Giulia, two young architects who pride themselves in riding the digital wave: thanks to an integrated process involving skype calls and WhatsApp messages – and e-mail, of course! they raised a system of creating bespoke pure gold-jewels for the bride-and-groom-to-be wherever on earth they are. Listening to their expectations and needs, turning them into precious and ever-lasting creations for the wedding is what they do on a daily basis. That is the reason why they are about to launch their first fine-jewelry line all dedicated to the wedding, and which we have already given you a taste on Instagram.

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