A truly Italian project

Wedding Date in Italy specialises in the organisation of weddings across Italy. Our passionate, dynamic and creative team has years of experience in the design and planning of cultural gatherings, events, shows, etc. We are able to internationally offer, to those who have chosen to enjoy the most important and beautiful moment of their lives in our country, the most suitable type of celebration: civil, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, with full validity in the country of origin. Our staff has been selected for skills and professional know-how for each specific field, as befits the best Italian tradition.
During the course of the past years we have gained the best insight of our land, the cradle of a millennium-old civilisation, one of the few countries in the world where you can find, in any individual location, a consistent concentration of history, culture, folklore, landscape and architectural beauty, exquisite cuisine, fashion and wellbeing. With our love for our work and our country, and our background, we are able to provide the most excellent venues and locations outside the conventional standard circuits – for an original, unique and tailor-made project able to satisfy any curiosity, wish or need you may express.


Eclectic and creative, Cristina was for many years a senior wedding coordinator of one of the largest Italian companies specialising in the organisation of weddings in Italy. Cristina has a degree in Modern Literature and a passion for Chinese and Japanese art; she worked in theatre and television as an actress and director and was then art director for a web tv channel dedicated to research on venues and locations for events. Her work has enabled her to travel widely and to live in various Italian cities, hence her love and knowledge of all regions and local traditions.