A Charming Wedding in the Italian Riviera

When Love Strikes, It Knows No Border

This is the story about a special couple, who met in Geneva, fell in love in the luscious Swiss countryside, and got married by the Mediterranean Sea. She is Italian, he is Swedish, and they decided to celebrate the most important day of their lives in a place with a special meaning to her: Villa Ormond in Sanremo. But what we found extremely fascinating about this project, was all the path leading to this day.

Elisabetta Piazza Carignano Wedding Date in Italy-min

The Bride’s smile always makes us happy @Joyphotographers

A path made out of the organization and extreme attention to details. The bride-to-be was determined to give the best Italian hospitality experience to both her international and close Italian guests. For this reason in the previous months, she wanted us to show them all the best venues and perches of Italian culture as well first in her second hometown: Turin.

Pepino Events Wedding Date in Italy Turin

Piazza Carignano: The Perfect Place for an Exclusive Apero @Joyphotographers


The Bride’s Exclusive Pre-Wedding Events in Turin: A Twist of Royalty

With its elegant tastes, historic cafes and its tree-lined boulevards, Turin is the perfect venue where to host unforgettable events, also with different flairs. So, when it came to designing the perfect events for the bride-to-be, we had the most intriguing of the ideas: showing what the best Turin has to offer. An aristocratic and unforgettable dinner in an exclusive Count Cavour-founded gentlemen’s club,  and unique aperos in two of the most charming squares: Piazza della Consolata and Piazza Carignano, offering a curated selection of the best Piedmontese wines and food delicacies were set out to rock.


Cristina Artana – Wedding Date In Italy’s Founder – with the bride @Joyphotographers


The Day Before the Wedding Day in Sanremo: The Bridal Room at the Hotel Miramare, And The Apero Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

The day before the wedding is always delicate: the wedding couple and their guests are arriving, ready to celebrate properly. While we accommodated the latter in carefully selected hotels, where the shuttle service was assured by a punctual logistic plan, we welcomed the former into a spacious, luxurious bridal room in the prestigious Hotel Miramare, Sanremo, Liguria. Talking about the bridal room is talking about something we really care about. Choosing the perfect one is very delicate, as it will be the bride’s second home in Italy. Here, the most important moments of her life are filled with all kinds of emotions and desires, expectations and love. That is the reason why we made it as much welcoming as possible, filled with fresh fruits, champagne and all the treats she requested.


Bridal Room details ©Joyphotographers

Besides, we made her a special surprise gift: a precious corsage made of David Austin cut roses called Patience, we made arrive straight from South Africa. In the same venue, we choose to host an apero by the pool overlooking the sea, under a romantic starry sky. Here, uniformed waiters served a selected finger food menu with a carefully paired wine tasting. With a surprise here as well: the pasta della mezzanotte was offered with the unique goal of delighting our international guests.


Hotel Miramare in Sanremo, Liguria


Meet our Professional Wedding Purveyors in Liguria

In the meantime, the venue is being prepared, the scenographer and the flowers designer start to do their magic, the catering is arriving and the special lights technicians test their unique light designs.  As we have been knowing each one of these handpicked contractors for a long time, believe us when we say that, despite the natural pressure a wedding planner is under the day before the wedding, meeting again made us all very happy and motivated to reach the goal of making the event perfect.


Luxury Wedding Backstage: Guido Toschi with Cristina Artana

Take as an example the scenographer. More than a designer, Guido Toschi is a true artist. Involved in the organization of the most exclusive weddings worldwide, Guido is an eclectic man who prides himself to design unique marquees for the exteriors. Also, the floral designer, Giulia from Opificio Floreale, gave a natural yet elegant touch to the ensemble, striving to find the best balance between being organic and harmonious. For the catering, we choose Roland’s Florence: a solid long-lasting partnership we tied with since the destination weddings we organized in Florence. With him, not only we share years of common projects, but also the same view about the highest quality of Italian food and beverage. Last but not least, the Kaleydo light designers: also from Florence, they have long expertise in dressing venues with jaw-dropping lights. The night before the wedding is sweet. The summer is ended, but not the pleasant weather.


Luxury Wedding Catering by Roland’s Florence and Floral Design by Opificio Floreale


Our Marquee Wedding in Villa Ormond ©Joyphotographers


Our Sweet Wedding Nursery Setting © Joyohotographers


The Wedding Day in Villa Ormond, Sanremo

On September 22nd, everywhere is buzzing. The bride and her beloved guests are been treated like royals. A special beauty room is set up with the best hairdressers and the makeup artists while we are finalizing all the details. We are also ready to deliver the bride a special treat: a unique bouquet. Not an average one: a precious rigid structure where pressed hand-painted hydrangea petals are assembled to compose a stunning wedding accessory. Designed expressly by us, realized by an incredible artisan, loved by our bride.


An Exclusively Bespoke Wedding Accessory: The Wedding Bouquet Floral Fan ©Joyphotographers

Before the civil ceremony starts, we helped in setting up the special nursery room, where the little guests were welcomed by professional nannies, while we took care of the necessary logistics. Wedding_Nurseries_Ideas_from_Wedding_Date_in_Italy-min

The ceremony then takes place smoothly and, we may add, heartwarmingly. Looking the unspeakable happiness in the eyes of this couple and of their guests, surrounded by the elegant setting of this scenographic villa, is priceless.


The Newlywed couple’s first kiss ©Joyohotographers

The cut of the wedding cake, a unique and tasty fruit cakes – perfect for the summer weather –, was really touching. This, also thanks to a well-designed floral contour and light design.


The cut of the wedding cake in Villa Ormond, Sanremo © Joyphotographers

Ending up with a night-late disco, with the newlywed couple’s first dance with the chosen music and the DJs set, was super!


The newlywed couple’s first dance in Sanremo © Joyphotographers









We are very grateful for the job done and we thank warmly our purveyors. We are also proud of having made this couple’s most important day so special. Cristina and Ela


A Charming Wedding in the Italian Riviera by Wedding Date in Italy


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