Wedding, Pastry, and Fashion: Marchesi 1824, Prada’s Bakery in Milan

Being on point with the latest lifestyle trends means keeping the radars on in a specific direction: Milan. But beyond the fashion & tech, this extravagant North-Italian city is home to tradition. Especially when it comes to food. Sweet one, in a special way. Cross with us the doors of one of the most alluring Milan's pastry temple, where the decorated coffered ceiling overlooks a display windows full of tarts, pralines, and bonbons. Welcome to Marchesi 1824!

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Marchesi 1824: Almost Two Centuries of Pastry Delights

Being at Marchesi 1824 is a pure delight for all the senses. The sight will be spoiled by the ancient mirrors, the coffered ceilings, art decò style which set the ambiance for both the first Marchesi 1824 boutique in the Magenta neighborhood and the two others in via Montenapoleone and in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Muffled voices get mixed with few soft notes of a faraway jingle for the sound part, while you enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The sight, smell, and taste part? Allow us a long-paragraph description.

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A Reference Point for Weddings (and Much More)

Whether boutique you'll choose, being at Marchesi 1824 is an incredible experience. First, because of its living-room allure. Familiar yet deluxe. Where every sweet desire will be satisfied with a supreme aesthetic, an exquisite taste, and with a paradisiac perfume. Their pastries and the Christmas sweet par excellence, the Panettone, are legendary, and we do really suggest to give (all) of them a try! So it doesn't come as a surprise the exquisiteness of Marchesi 1824's wedding offer. Its Wedding Cakes and Confetti (flavored sugared almonds) options are delightful and definitely recommended for a Destination Wedding in Italy with an alluring character.

Marchesi 1824 Wedding Date in Italy Wedding Cake Marchesi 1824 Wedding Date in Italy

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Pasticceria Marchesi

Caffè Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 11/a 02 862770

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II 02 9418 1710 Milan, Italy

Pasticceria Via Monte Napoleone, 9 02 7600 8238

Treedom: The Green Wedding Favor Your Guests Will Love

For your green wedding in Italy, what about gifting your beloved wedding guests with a forest? In our Destination Wedding Favors & Welcome Baskets page, we made it pretty clear: choosing a cute and thoughtful gift in the name of sustainability will make your eco-friendly wedding even more memorable. We dare say the greener, the better! And that's what Treedom does: helping you turning your love into something that will truly last. A forest! We at Wedding Date in Italy have a soft spot for green ideas for favors. And we did nothing to hide it!  

 Treedom Wedding


Treedom Turns Your Love into A Wood

Maybe you have chosen an eco-friendly/green/organic theme for your wedding. And now it's time to think about the favors.

Following the underlying idea of offering your guests a gift that lasts beyond the honeymoon, we have plenty of options to suggest to you: herbs, flowers, succulents, potted plants.

But what about celebrating your eternal love with a tree? Or with a wood?

Because THIS could be a gift that truly symbolizes the process of love that keeps growing, growing itself accordingly.

This is when Treedom, the Florence-based web platform, comes into play: by helping to turn your love into a bunch of trees to gift (ideally) your family and your guests.

Treedom Wedding

How Does Treedom Work?

Since 2010, Treedom has been pursuing one aim: to raise public awareness on environment and sustainability throughout green campaigns.

But how does Treedom work? By involving over 30,000 local farmers across Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Italy, this green web platform allows you adopting one or more trees from its online catalog.

Once you've chosen your tree(s), it will be planted directly from local farmers. Just with one click! Isn't it amazing?

Each of them will have its own page, making it possible to follow its stories over time. Stories made of people, of love, of care, that will give even more value to your party!

How to convey this gift (and message) to your guests? Unleash your creativity, but be sure to follow the overall wedding theme for a lovely consistency. 

Spoil your guests with a simple recipe: trees, forest, and your love.

Treedom Wedding


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