The Boudoir Tale: Abstract Sex We don’t have any clothes, only equipment & Artissima

For the city of Turin, the week that ends October and starts November is incredibly full of art and music events. In just 7 days (and even less), the average agenda is packed with such interesting things! Artissima, D.A.M.A., Club2Club, and uncountable collateral events just to indicate some names.

Being in Turin during the Turinese Art Week means enjoying contemporary art everywhere, witnessing the coming out from the white cube pouring wildly into the streets. It means observing with amazement the genesis of new exciting contaminations, synergies. Which translates for us as a never-ending source of inspiration.

Between loads of collateral artsy event, we have found the one is perfect for us, for our creative process and for Wedding Date in Italy, involving contemporary art within a luxury, local and interesting brands in a collaboration we love: KristinaT and Lovever.

Here, contemporary art gets into a luxury fashion boutique. And we attended yesterday's opening!

That is the reason why it is the first title of our brand new column: "The Boudoir Tale".

Wedding Date in Italy Abstract Sex Artissima Kristina Ti 2019

Currently Attending: Abstract Sex We don’t have any clothes, only equipment

Conceived by Ilaria Bonacossa and curated by Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti and Guido Costa, this new exhibition project follows the fair mainline by hearting the theme of the desire. Photographs, videos, sculptures, works on canvas or papers have been selected strictly by the galleries attending Artissima with the aim of suggesting unexpected alliances between bodies, objects, machinery and concepts to disarm traditional representations of desire through an incredible melange of historical and contemporary narratives. By bringing together unexpected tools, hybrid devices, and deviant technologies, Abstract Sex has the courage of proposing a transversal perspective between real and virtual life, where everything surrounding us can be rethought as a weapon at the service of new mythologies.

Suspended between a pirate action and an exhibition, Abstract Sex collects artworks that represent a specific moment. After the Second World War, the sophisticated war technologies turned into devices for perfecting the "body" as a socially and culturally determined concept is the one.

WHERE | All these reflections enter a favorite luxury fashion boutique in Turin: Jana.

Wedding Date in Italy Abstract Sex Artissima Kristina Ti 2019 2

Kristina Ti's New Lingerie Capsule Collection

For the Artissima 2019 edition, Kristina Ti is a special project partner of "Abstract Sex": the exhibition project that brings the fair to the city and through unexpected objects tells stories of sexuality in its most unconventional forms. On this occasion, a few days ago the KTI flagship store became the exhibition space for an evening, by welcoming and amplifying her concept of sensuality. A special t-shirt was released for Artissima, which you may find ready to purchase or in a Fair Corner or online. While this alluring brand launched the new lingerie capsule collection, the location was staged by Lovever, the first concept store dedicated to love. Witnessing the creation of new alluring synergies: what an amazing opportunity! Like the one between Lovever and Kristina Ti: two local realities with the vision of a sensual (and conscious) woman in common. For more pics about the cocktail party and preview of the capsule collection of lingerie "VM18" ** watch our IG stories!

Wedding Date in Italy Abstract Sex Artissima Kristina Ti 2019 3Wedding Date in Italy Abstract Sex Artissima Kristina Ti 2019 Wedding Lingerie

Wedding Date in Italy Abstract Sex Artissima Kristina Ti 2019 4

Wedding Date in Italy Abstract Sex Artissima Kristina Ti 2019 5


Kristina Ti, the special partner of the project, has created a t-shirt for the occasion with the exhibition graphics, in collaboration with the studio FIONDA of Torino. The Limited Edition KTI x Artissima will be on sale at the KTI STORE TORINO on Via Maria Vittoria 18 during the fair and will accompany “VM18”, the new capsule collection of lingerie by Kristina Ti, an expression of feminine allure dedicated to the Kristina Ti woman.



November 1st - 2nd (10 AM - 9 PM) free entrance

November 3rd (10 AM - 6 PM) free entrance

The artists and galleries invited to take part in the exhibition are: Iván Argote, VERMEHLO Sao Paolo Josefin Arnell, LILY ROBERT Paris Marcel Bascoulard, CHRISTOPHE GAILLARD Paris Benni Bosetto, ADA Rome Simon Fujiwara, DVIR Tel Aviv, Brussels Thomas Hämen, ISSUES Stockhol, Barbara Hammer, KOW Berlin Madrid Corrado Levi, RIBOT Milan Sidsel Meineche Hansen, RODEO London, Pireo Jacopo Miliani, ROSA SANTOS Valencia Athena Papadopoulos, EMALIN London Joanna Piotrowska, MADRAGOA Lisbon Agnieszka Polska, GEORG KARGL Wien Karol Radiszewski, BWA WARSZAWA Warsaw Steve Reinke, ISABELLA BORTOLOZZI Berlin Tom of Finland, ESPACIO MINIMO Madrid Wu Tsang ISABELLA BORTOLOZZI Berlin Anna Uddenberg, KRAUPA-TUSKANY ZEIDLER Berlin Andra Ursuta, MASSIMO DE CARLO Milan, London, Hong Kong

The exhibition is forbidden to children under 18 years.

Bluetiful Milano: Your Extra Ordinary Wedding Hair Accessories

Wedding hair combs, tiaras, hairpins, and slides: the wedding hair accessories list we would love to suggest can go on and on. But today, we are here to talk about a hair accessory brand that matches the perfect Renaissance aesthetic with careful Italian craftsmanship we've literally fell in love with: Bluetiful Milano.

Conceived in Milan and produced in Florence by the local worldwide known artisans, Bluetiful promotes timeless embellished, puffed-up headbands but with a contemporary twist. 

Ladies and gentleman here are your padded headbands for your Destination Wedding in Italy!

Gergely Bajan | Bluetiful Milano | Wedding Date in Italy 4

© Gergely Bajan | Bluetiful Milano

A Real Blast from the Past: Bluetiful Milano and their iconic Padded Headbands 

Moony, unique and handcrafted, Bluetiful creates unforgettable retro hair accouterments. We fell in love with this brand already from its name: “Bluetiful” what an amusing, playful game of words! It reflects a witty and unexpected attitude we can totally relate to. Playing around with the “Beautiful” word, the brand name aims to convey a simple but non-obvious desire: revisiting classic beauty to enhance a fresher, unexpected, and timeless beauty. It is all around the padded headband, which is the main character of a story made out of craftsmanship, ethical production and Made in Italy. Each single of these items is made by the skilled hands of their Florentine artisans.

Credits_Alberto e Studio Alessandra Fotografia Italiana | Bluetiful

Credits_Alberto e Studio Alessandra Fotografia Italiana | Bluetiful

Marta and Martina: the designer duo behind Bluetiful

It all began in 2016 when the young founders began to conceive this project. Driven by the curiosity of blending their friendship with their common love for unique fashion, Marta and Martina elected Milan as official Bluetiful's headquarter. This choice rooted both in a professional reason – Milan is the capital of Fashion, after all, and in a sentimental one. It's in Milan where the two met, it's in Milan where they grew up together. And decided to start this adventure. It is an ambitious project that has led them to create a precious network of professionals who work with them every day. But it all started with the first prototypes, which were inspired by Renaissance influences. This is how their first icon was born: a colorful padded headband that evokes both the headdress of the courtesan and the halo of sacred portraits. The first Bluetiful collection was then launched in April 2017 for the Milan Design Week.

Credits_Alberto e Studio Alessandra Fotografia Italiana 3

Credits_Alberto e Studio Alessandra Fotografia Italiana | Bluetiful

Renaissance-inspired Italian crafts for An Unconventional Wedding Hair Accessory

Embellished, puffed-up headbands: it's undeniable how this is definitely a clever accessory trend started from a couple of seasons, now. By riding timely this trend, the Bluetiful headbands started soon involving the wedding/ceremonies sector by becoming a reference for brides and bridesmaids looks. Although there isn't (still!) a specific "Wedding Collection", Bluetiful offers a curated selection of references among the linen, velvet, shiny velvet and satin collections with the chance of customization (with flowers, pearls, rhinestones, veil, veil, special fabrics, etc.). The light and more traditional colors, such as white, cream, powder and pink, are the most requested, but it happened that the bravest bride chose her crown in red!

Credits_Vittorio La Fata per La Rinascente Bluetiful Wedding Date in Italy

Nevertheless, Marta and Martina decided to get involved in various initiatives dedicated to the wedding world (White Party by Atelier Emè, Unconventional Wedding by Rinascente, the shooting of Odyline Ceremony and, of course, the weddings of their precious customers), and today, they say to be very happy to see how the bride lives their accessory as an iconic, attractive, ornamental object that embellishes and frames the face.

What we love the most about this brand? Both the chance of getting a customized product thanks to the supplied direct assistance service, and the fact that the aesthetic meets absolutely the value of this brand, as we've seen from their Instagram account:

Bluetiful Mood Board Courtesan

Taking inspiration from the #renaissance mademoiselle. In Renaissance usage, the Italian word "#cortigiana" came to refer to a well-educated and independent woman. They were #poetress#writers#artists.
Bluetiful Milano

Is this Turin Bar-à-Parfum Making The Most Interesting Tea Pause in town for a Bride? Probably

From Latin “per fumum” – meaning “through smoke”, the word perfume recalls the ancient tradition of burning aromas offered to the gods. With its roots back to almost seven millennia of history and culture, how fascinating the history of perfume is?

A story which today writes a chapter in Turin made of French accents, a luscious setting full of greenery and one of the most interesting (and handpicked!) selections of artisanal perfumes: the Floris House.

Tucked in one of the most elegant streets of the center of Turin, here's a place where you can find your refuge from the hectic pace of the city center, finding comfort in an English traditional tea pause or in a masterfully made spritz. The plus? Here you can also choose your favorite essence for your wedding in Italy.

Are you a modern bride or a classic bride? Either way, we found the perfect fragrances for you, right in a cozy bar-à-parfum center of Turin.

Come and discover it with us!

Floris House Torino Tea Perfumes Wedding Date in Italy Camilla Colavolpe 2

Piedmont: where The Peak of the Perfume Made in Italy Fragrances Reaches Its Top

Between Piedmont and the art of perfume, there has been an interesting link over time. Who hasn't ever hard of the Eau de Cologne? This is one of the most famous perfumes in the world that doesn't really need a presentation. But few know that has a Piedmontese father: Giovanni Maria Farina. His iconic Acqua Mirabilis was very much appreciated in the European aristocratic courts back in the XVIII century. With its several luxury boutiques and well-organized olfactory events related to the art of perfume, in more recent times Turin has been proved itself to be more than FIAT, vermouth, and chocolate. And here, there is a place that says it all: the Floris Café.

Floris House Torino Tea Perfumes Wedding Date in Italy Camilla Colavolpe 4 Diptyque Torino

Floris Café: a Sweet Bridal Beauty Tea… Surrounded by Artisanal Essences!

Once upon a time, Floris House was a small historic perfume and essence shop. Today, it is a reference point for the local bourgeoisie who wants to enjoy a proper English afternoon tea and discover a unique artisanal perfume and all the related world. From home fragrances, elegant scented-candles, body lotions, and make-up, Floris House boasts an incredible selection of luxury brands you wouldn't find everywhere. And this would be perfect to add to your pre-wedding in Turin routine!

Floris House Torino Tea Perfumes Wedding Date in Italy Camilla Colavolpe

An ally, a friend, a companion: perfume accompanies everyone’s everyday life, and which more important day of your life than your Wedding? If you have chosen Turin as your destination wedding in Italy, you’ve probably perceived the high amount of fascination this place can spread. Here, also choosing a perfume could become an incredible cultural experience and that’s the reason why we would definitely suggest to book a table at Floris House. For a moment of relaxing and cuddle to yourself, while choosing a must-have for your wedding.

Floris House Torino Tea Perfumes Wedding Date in Italy Camilla Colavolpe 3

The Art of Perfume, at Your Turin Wedding 

At Wedding Date in Italy, we’ve always loved a good story, a good hint of what we love the most: sharing the unique crossroad of creativity, exclusivity, and research. And when the great history of perfume meets the glorious one of Turin, the result is great story of charm.  

Let yourself be swept away by the wonder of essences, fragrances, and perfumes capable of interpreting every type of personality.

#WDIIChoice ______________ Floris House Palazzo Marenco, Via Cavour, 16, Turin, Italy