L’Etat Libre d’Orange | Fragrance Day 2019

Everything You Need To Know on How To Choose Your Wedding Fragrance

“What perfume should I wear on my wedding day?” asked us a bride a few days before her destination wedding in Liguria. Of course, the amazing floral decorations and the pine maritime smell wouldn’t have been enough. This question is very common amongst our bride-to-be: the perfume plays an important role as the flowers do. Choosing one fragrance especially will help her remember this important day, like a wedding Proustian madeleine! The important is to choose something exuding the emotions of love and romance. But taking at the same time into consideration something to lower stress levels would be wise as well. A kind of expertise we are truly fond of because it shows the perfect attention to details.


Top Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Fragrance

As today is the Perfume Day, we wanted to share with you some tips, especially for your special day:
  1. Be aware of the perfume glossary: perfume differs from Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne and Body Splash. Read this sequence from the most potent to the lighter scent.
  2. Choose a new scent looking back at your previous ones you’ve enjoyed wearing and see what ingredients they have in common, as if you pick something with similar notes then it’s almost guaranteed to be a winner. Be careful not to spray too many!
  3. Try new scents in advance: to experience the chemistry of the fragrances on the skin.
  4. It should be the perfect fit with the bride’s personal style and the ceremony.
  5. We recommend delicate scents according to the season: more sultry during fall/winter, more delicate, floral, fruity to stay light and refreshed for spring and summer.
  6. Don’t forget your groom.


Our First Selection For Your Wedding Perfume: L’Etat Libre D’Orange

We are so in love with the matching of surprisingly olfactory compositions with our bride-to-be’s essence, her wedding theme and season. It’s a challenge that requires no limits in terms of creativity and expertise. And choosing the right brand is not an easy task. Beyond taste, we love brands with an interesting history behind, like L’Etat Libre d’Orange. We discovered it during our endless wanderings in la Ville Lumiére, during a Paris Fashion Week of a few years ago. Pretty close to l’Hotel de Ville and the Marais chic neighborhood, 69, rue des Archives is the perfect place where to find some emancipated juices from traditional restrictions. Perfect, scandalous, delicious fragrances presented in a simple (yet instagrammable) bottles with a three-colored rosette logo on top, as a symbol of freedom. Here, unity, beauty, and conflict are the backbones of a place creating perfumes for life, and love, for making love. Perfect for a bride-to-be! Any questions? Write to us to info@weddingdateinitaly.com Perfume_Day_2019_Wedding_Date_In_Italy_Etat_Libre_d_Orange_2